Wednesday, December 4, 2013

#16 - Sha of Pride Trash

The trash from Sha of Pride's room can either be frustrating or fun - you know which path we've chosen! When you run into the room you get a debuff that times down but can also be dispelled - but when it runs out from either dispelling or time there is a small AOE explosion. The debuffs can stack and thus do proportionally greater damage. It doesn't kill you on LFR or Flex, but it can kill you on normal mode - if your health is low enough. So what WE do is that we try to kill each other. It started with me dispelling Aza and Sev when they had lots of buffs, but then I would start collecting buffs and then stand next to Sev or Sabre and try to kill them when I dispelled myself with barkskin on. And it snowballed from there. Aza, Sev, myself and Sabre are the worst culprits, whereas the tanks tend to just muddle on their way. Luxy runs away and Voros has accepted that he will die in that room. Moo is indifferent I think - I'm surprised he's not more mad. But I do love that room, it is so fun :D And what's a bit of a repair bill - guild bank pays for it anyway!


  1. My raid group is convinced that a troll at blizzard came up with this trash. Freaking tanks and their ability to not get killed by this trash. I'm hoping this week with my shorter deterrence cooldown I can deflect the worst of the damage and make it though alive. It could happen.

  2. Glad the comic is back! Funny stuff!